Bulletin TB-80024
August, 2010

Gary Stamberger – Training Director
MagnaFlow Exhaust Products

As a direct result of MagnaFlow's stepped up Training Program, we have been getting numerous requests for information concerning the purchase of scan tools. Below is a short list of companies offering a wide range of code readers, scanners and full function diagnostic tools. The list is confined to self-contained scanners and does not include PC based software applications of which there are a number of available applications. Feel free to contact Gary with any questions or concerns.




Tools are listed in a Good – Better – Best order under each manufacturer. All of these tools will offer code retrieval and clearing as well as some data stream. The better the tool the greater the expandability. Cost is not included because OTC and Snap-On both work through their respective Sales Reps. Refer to each manufactures website for more information.

These are not the only manufacturers or choices and this list is not to be construed as an endorsement of any of the above. Many factors need to be considered when purchasing any equipment and MagnaFlow urges you to consider all your shop needs when purchasing equipment of any kind.

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