A Look to the Future

Bulletin TB-80018
January, 2010

Gary Stamberger – Training Director
MagnaFlow Exhaust Products

Throughout 2009 our Tech Bulletins addressed many issues concerning the exhaust industry. It was a year of change. The California Air Resources Board announced sweeping changes to catalytic converter certification, application and installation protocols. Although all after market manufacturers were affected by these changes, MagnaFlow especially felt the heat because our home is right in the middle of the action. From the beginning we took our unique situation seriously and became proactive not only in California but across the country. It was evident that these changes would affect us all and we knew that education and training would be the key, not only to survival but eventual profitability for everyone.

Our training focused on engine emissions and converter technology. We wrote and taught about Air/Fuel ratios and oxygen sensor diagnosis. The importance of maintaining good running engines and the direct affects of misfire on the converter. The causes of NOx and how EGR, valve timing and the converter work together to reduce this harmful gas. We researched the causes of a P0420 code (Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold) and put together training seminars to aid shops in determining the root cause and make an effective repair. We have been sensitive to the shops needs and through our Tech Line, continue to put extra effort in getting you the information necessary to repair those problem cars. Together with our R&D Department, Sales Team and Tech Line we continually search for the answers to making the right product available.

In each Tech Bulletin put out in 2009 we addressed the need for continued education and training. It was and continues to be an absolute necessity to keep up with changing technology along with investing in tooling when needed. Many shops responded positively asking for information on what scan tools would best fit their needs. For our part, we have invested in training materials, information databases, and have expanded our Training Department to continually research and explore every aspect of our industry.

Going forward, the industry will continue to see changes. Many States have developed OBD II Emission Testing programs instead of tail pipe testing for newer cars. Even California is considering this transition and actually finds itself following other States instead of leading in this area. This type of testing requires a much smaller investment and could be more appealing to those States currently doing little or no emission testing.

Starting with Model Year 2007, Light Duty Diesels were required to have Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF's) as part of their emissions package. Many states have begun inspecting these vehicles as part of their emissions programs and servicing both DPF's and Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC's) will soon be part of our landscape.

It's a new year and we at MagnaFlow will continue to invest in our Training Programs. We value your input and encourage you to continue letting us know where and when we can fill a need. It's our goal and responsibility to stay "ahead of the curve" in order to provide a better service to all of our customers.

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