Vaughn Gittin Jr

Vaughn Gittin Jr is one MagnaFlow Ambassador that makes an impression everywhere he goes.  With his “work hard, play hard” motto, he is constantly pushing the limits and improving on the track. When asked what he had planned for this year, he told us “A whole lot of awesome! Our  RTR Drift Team is going to be battling for the Formula Drift Championship in the USA. I will also be stopping in select military bases surrounding the series to put smiles on the men and women whom serve our country. We will be heading over to China to compete in  the World Drift Series. We will also be going to Europe to participate in a few events going on across the pond.” We are sure that fans the world over are going to be awed by the loud, tire-smoking show he brings. He added “I chose to work with MagnaFlow because they are the industry leader in the exhaust world; the product's that they produce make power, sound good and are of maximum quality.” We think he’s pretty incredible as well and can’t wait to see him slay a few tires in his quest to dominate the Formula Drift tracks. He left us with one final message; “My main goal is to look back on the year as a whole and know my team and I gave it all on and off the track. I am an enthusiast – this all started from my childhood passion for cars. I plan to continue to work super hard to chase and live this dream and I sincerely appreciate the support!”