Greg Adler

Greg Adler started his racing career in Baja, California driving limited buggies in the SCORE series. After several years of valuable experience, he jumped into the full-size truck category driving powerful, 800-horsepower Class 8 trucks. The over-the-top power and extreme suspension capability of the Class 8 machines fit Greg well, and made for a smooth transition into the intense world of short-course off-road racing. Greg entered his first short-course race at Crandon International Raceway in 2004 in a Sportsman truck borrowed from veteran racer Evan Evans. One race was all it took—Greg was hooked! Now, Adler competes in the Lucas Off Road Racing Series - and his passion to win hasn't been lost one bit. Every race is full force for Greg, which makes sense since he told us he chooses MagnaFlow because it provides, “the best quality, great sound, but most importantly awesome power!” Greg is shooting to take Pro-2 Championships with some Pro 4 wins along the way (or vice versa) this year. When asked what he wants our fans to know about him, he said “I am one lucky guy; beautiful family, great job that I enjoy, and I get to race a Pro2 and a Pro4 against the best drivers!”