Adam Anderson

Few motorsports have almost universal appeal of monster truck racing and freestyle. Seeing a truck with a giant engine and even bigger tires running over lesser cars and taking massive jumps at speed is an incredible thrill, regardless of your age. In the sport of monster trucks, few names loom so large as that of Grave Digger and the man that created it, Dennis Anderson. So what are you supposed to do if you’re the son of a legend? How do you make a name for yourself?


Well, if you’re Adam Anderson, you go out and win a freestyle championship and then back to back Monster Jam racing championships. Starting when he was just 19 with no real experience in a monster truck, Adam has quickly risen to become one of the top drivers in the sport and is currently piloting the 32nd truck to bear the Grave Digger name and iconic paintjob. His success represents a welcome influx of new blood into a great sport and that is also what makes him the perfect ambassador for MagnaFlow.